Description of Volunteer Duties


If you reached this page because you are interested in learning more about volunteering for the Hollywood Happening, thank you! The Happening would not and could not take place without the help of those willing to donate their time and energy. Below you will find descriptions of the various volunteer positions necessary to make the event run smoothly. 


  • Souvenir tent: are you an effective salesperson? At the souvenir tent, volunteers are expected to sell t-shirts and Happening apparel, as well as tickets for the annual motorcycle raffle and other drawn prizes. Souvenir tent workers are also charged with handing out maps, schedules, and ride information, as well as providing good customer service.

  • Parking: assuming you've got some common sense, some willpower, and you've witnessed someone flagging traffic before, you're probably a good candidate for parking. Duties include parking motorcycles on Main Street in Gowanda after the Bike Parade on Friday evening concludes. Volunteers are also needed during the event on Saturday, as well as Sunday afternoon. Volunteers are also asked to assist with traffic control and alternate parking. You do not need to bring your own flag. 

  • Sanitary effort: volunteers are provided with event transportation to assist with the ease of sanitation activities. Emptying and replacing garbage bags across the event location, filling wash stations with water, and putting glow-in-the-dark lights in the port-o-johns when it grows dark out: these could all be yours! 

  • Contest registration: This is fairly self-explanatory, but volunteers at contest registration are responsible for signing participants up for various attractions during the event. These include the Bike Rodeo, Tattoo Contest, and Bike in Show. You will also be collecting the money for registrations and making change. Certain attractions might require the compoletion of participant forms, which you will then need to collect. If you're fairly personable, you'll do well here.

  • Volunteer security: this involves checking the identification of anyone entering the Beer Tent. You are responsible for preventing patrons from exiting the Beer Tent with alcoholic beverages, as well as ensuring that no underage personnel enters the area. Be alert to potential problems and alert the paid security officers if problems arise. 

  • Serving: typical serving duties apply here- fill beer cups and other alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Collect tokens for said beverages. Recognize and refuse alcoholic beverages to inebriated patrons. Good people skills required. Must be over 21 years of age.

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