Profits Made From the Past 16 Hollywood Happenings



Where does all of the Hollywood Happening money go? 


Restoration of the Hollywood Theater is a 4.2 MILLION dollar project that is being completed in individual work phases.

Money made from the Hollywood Happening event helps us to leverage State and County grants that we would otherwise be unable to apply for. The Hollywood Happening money is “seed” money— and this is how we’ve made it grow. 


To date, we have turned all of this seed money into $2,693,055!


If the sole profits of the Happening were used to restore the Hollywood, at the rate of just under $40,000 per year it would take 108 years to open… 


The good news is, we have more State and County partners eager to help us finish the restoration!


Bottom line? The more money brought in by the Hollywood Happening, the more public grant money we will be able to obtain. 


Thank you for supporting the Hollywood Happening!



© 2015 K. Merrill

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